types of drones
Jun 06

Types of Drones

By Kim Bismark | Drones

Contents1 A Quick and Handy Guide to Different Types of Drones2 Drone Size2.1 Large Drones2.2 Medium Drones2.3 Small Drones2.4 Nano Drones3 Rotor Type3.1 Single Rotor Drone3.2 Multi-rotor Drone3.2.1 Tricopter3.2.2 Quadcopter3.3 Fixed Wing Drones3.3.1 What else?4 Assembly Type4.1 RTF (Ready to Fly)4.2 BNF (Bind-n-Fly)4.3 ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) 5 Drone Usage5.1 Camera Drone5.1.1 Best Camera Drones5.1.2 […]

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small drone
Jun 04

A Novice Flyer’s Guide to Small Drones

By Kim Bismark | Drones

Contents0.1 The Small Drone0.1.1 Small vs. Nano1 The Guide1.1 Know Your Drone1.1.1 The Camera Drone1.1.2 The Toy Drone1.1.3 Important Note1.2 Top Rated Small Drones1.2.1 Ryze Tello Quadcopter Mini Drone1.2.1.1 More Info1.2.2 SYMA X5C-1 Quadcopter1.2.3 Yuneec Breeze1.2.3.1 More Info1.2.4 Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee Mini Quadcopter1.2.4.1 More Info1.2.5 Rabing Mini RC Drone1.2.5.1 More Info1.2.6 GDU […]

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May 30

Indoor Drone

By Kim Bismark | Drones

Contents1 Indoor Drone Flying 1012 Why Fly Indoors?3 Finding Your Own Indoor Drone 3.1 UDI U845 Voyager UFO RC Drone3.2 Hubsan X4 H107L Quadcopter3.3 Inductrix FPV BNF3.3.0.1 More Info3.4 Altair 818 Hornet Beginner3.5 Parrot Mambo3.5.0.1 More Info3.6 OCDAY Mini Quadcopter Drone3.7 Holy Stone HS200 FPV RC Drone3.8 DJI Spark Mini Drone3.8.0.1 More Info4 Extras4.0.1 Drone […]

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May 24

The Ultimate Drifter’s Guide to Finding the Best RC Drift Car

By Kim Bismark | Radio Controlled Cars

Contents1 The Ultimate Drifter’s Guide to Finding the Best RC Drift Car2 Crash Course: RC Drift Cars2.1 What’s Drifting?2.2 Modifying RC Cars2.2.1 Chassis2.2.1.1 Belt-driven Chassis: Shaft driven Chassis:2.2.2 Differentials2.2.3 Drift Tires3 The Best RC Drift Car3.1 Super GT RC Sport 3.1.1 Features3.2 Take Note3.3 HPI Racing Sprint 23.4 Redcat Racing’s EPX Drift Car3.4.1 Features3.5 Exceed RC […]

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