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Jun 20

RC Car Kits

By Samantha Fitzgerald | Radio Controlled Cars

RC cars have been a known form of entertainment and toy, not only for kids but also for adults. They have also become a hobby to many people over time. RC car kits have become more popular than the RTRs or Ready-to-Run ones since the user gets a hands-on experience on building the car. When […]

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Jun 19

Best Drone Under 50

By Samantha Fitzgerald | Drones

It is amazing how you can buy the best drone under 50 dollars now. When drones started gaining popularity a few years back, only a selected few had the resources to buy them. Back then, drones were incredibly costly and it seemed only the well off, tech savvy folks had any inclination of getting their […]

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Jun 18

Blade Quadcopter

By Samantha Fitzgerald | Drones

There is an almost palpable hunger for drones these days with everyone turning to the sky either as a hobby or for something more. The market for drones is teeming with manufacturers from all around the globe, each one promising you, the consumer, the best quality. With all those drone manufacturers and their array of […]

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blade drone
Jun 16

Blade Drone

By Samantha Fitzgerald | Drones

In an era of technological innovation and rapid development, Blade is considered as one of the leading manufacturers of drone technology. That is one reason why you have heard a lot of buzz about Blade drones. A subsidiary of Horizon Hobby, the international hobby RC product distributor based in the USA, Blade offers a multitude […]

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